The Importance Of Good Protein In Your Dog’s Diet

The Importance Of Good Protein In Your Dog’s Diet

The importance of good protein in your dog’s diet.

As all dog owners know, their pet’s diet is crucial their general health and well being. One of the most important considerations in your dog’s diet is the level of protein. However, the source and quality of the protein, rather the amount, is the crucial factor.

Protein is by far the most important macro-nutrient for a healthy, balanced dog diet. It has crucial roles in the body, such as building and repairing muscles and other body tissues, forming new skin cells, grow hair, build muscle tissue, and more. It also assists in creating body chemicals like hormones and enzymes that are needed for normal function. Your dog should be able to easily digest and metabolise the protein. So, digestibility is hugely important. Without sufficient quantities of good quality protein your dog’s health can suffer.

However, for dogs, not all protein sources are equal. By nature, dogs are largely meat eaters. It’s important for your dog’s diet contains large quantities of good quality meat or fish protein. Cereals and grains are not natural protein sources for dogs and often cause intolerances and other health problems as your dog struggles to digest them.

Many dog foods advertise their protein levels, but don’t like to let you know that the source of this is cereal, grains or low grade derivatives. This may save the manufacturer money, but is a very bad deal for dogs, as their digestive systems struggle to absorb the limited amount of protein and nutrition in these foods.

So, can your dog have too much of a good thing? Not really. As long as the source of the protein is from easily digestible and natural sources (meat & fish), your dog will use up the protein that it needs and expel, through waste, any that is excess.

This is why Wolvens Grain Free dog foods have a high meat content from quality, traceable sources and no grains, cereals or bulk fillers. All of our Grain Free foods have a minimum of 50% meat or fish. Crucially over half of this is freshly prepared, providing other minerals and vitamins important for optimum canine function. Our foods are supplemented with fruits, vegetables and herbs that provide natural fibres, omega oils and vitamins.

All meaning that from just £3.66 per kilo, we believe our foods offer unbeatable value whilst providing optimum nutrition.