Our Story

Wolvens Dog Food is a family run business from near Dorking, Surrey. When I bought a pet shop in the Surrey Hills, it was for a lifestyle change, so that my commute to work would be walk through the woods with my dogs, rather than a train into London. It's been great for our health and wellbeing. But wasn't long in the pet food business, before realising how low in healthy nutrition and good quality ingredients most dog foods are. We thought our dogs and our customers deserved better. So we teamed up with the clever people at GA Petfoods to develop Wolvens Dog Food. Our brief was simple - to produce a truly healthy and nutritious dog food that was high on quality meat content and other benficial ingredients.

The result was better than expected and we're proud to say that we've now been in business for over 12 years. In that time the popularity of Wolvens dog food has grown and grown, with recomendations and word of mouth our best sales tool. We now have customers all over the country who see the benefit of Wolvens Grain Free every day in the health and vitallity of their dogs. If you're looking for us, we'll probably be in the hills, trying to keep up with the dogs!

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  • Tess


    Our senior Collie

  • Ziggy


    Our energetic young Kelpie

  • Zeus


    Our Big, Handsome NZ Huntaway